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 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› Need help to enable Menu items
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Создано: 25 августа 2016 02:43 · Поправил: 25 августа 2016 02:46 Marton New!
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Hi, I'm trying a lot to enable the disabled menu items on this target:
(pass is exel@b)
What I did so far is unpacking it with DeComAs, and the target runs but shows message that Hardware ID is 00000001 and closes. I patched a call in the stolen section (102c881) and the program runs well but many menu items are grey (Open Video File, Import Video File, and more, in "Video" menu) and a missing menu item (Burn Subtitles) in the Tools menu. As well as grey Export DVD and Export DVB options in the "File" menu.
If I patch the jmp at C9F5AF, I get the Burn Subtitles menu item to show, but the submenu item that appears under it appears also grey
I believe the solution is at the stolen section, but I can't find where it enables the menus. I found EnableMenuItem calls (not in stolen section), and couldn't figure it out to enable all. I hope an expert can help with this, this stolen section is being very hard for me, and I can't use Olly on it as it throws exceptions and closes, so I can't set BPs to follow it

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Создано: 29 августа 2016 02:12 New!
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Spent so much time on this shite these days, and couldn't find a way to find the code where the menus are enabled. Could it be that after unpacking with DeComAs, this code got lost? I hope not... :sad:

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Создано: 19 сентября 2016 21:16 New!
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500+ views and no any help. So sad

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Создано: 19 сентября 2016 21:54 · Поправил: 19 сентября 2016 21:54 dosprog New!
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Marton writes:
500+ views and no any help.

C'est la vie..

 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› Need help to enable Menu items

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