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 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› CryptoWall Decryption
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Создано: 25 марта 2016 15:21 New!
Цитата · Личное сообщение · #1

I have been hit by CryptoWall and need my files back. Have tried different programs (incl. Kaspersky) but haven't gotten anywhere. I'm not going to pay $500 to the bas****ds. Is there anyone that could help me out? I'm willing to discuss the price for it.


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Создано: 26 марта 2016 05:49 · Поправил: 26 марта 2016 05:53 plutos New!
Цитата · Личное сообщение · #2

try to use System Restore, copy whatever you can save and format your HD.
Don't forget to wipe that bootloader, it can survive formatting.

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Создано: 26 марта 2016 13:59 New!
Цитата · Личное сообщение · #3

Hi and thanks for you answer,
I have done all those things. Nothing helps.


Added later 0 minutes
I mean I have saved the files and reformatted all.

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Создано: 26 марта 2016 16:27 New!
Цитата · Личное сообщение · #4

Have you done System Restore first? Did it recover any files?
Because those files (recovered ones) needed to be saved somewhere else.
If you saved encrypted files and reformatted HD then it's, in my humble opinion, the end of the story.

Ранг: 2.4 (гость)
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Создано: 26 марта 2016 22:25 New!
Цитата · Личное сообщение · #5

Yes I have saved the encrypted files but want to decrypt them somehow. Don't have them backedup
Also I did System Recovery, but they are still encrypted...
End of the story I guess, until someone could decrypt them for me
 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› CryptoWall Decryption

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