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WinMount is a Windows utility which helps you manage your compressed archives and DVD-ROM image files impressively and conveniently. With WinMount, you can mount ZIP,mount RAR or ISO CUE/BIN MDS/MDF file to a new virtual drive so you can use those files inside directly. You don't need to extract them first which implies that lots of time and disk space would be saved.
Download WinMount v1.6.1 for free :

You can also download a EXE version from here.

New version v1.6.3 release on 2007.5.17, Whats New

WinMount support Vista ! WinMount support Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Vista !

WinMount has already been in support of mounting ZIP RAR compressed archives and follow DVD-ROM image file formats:

* MDS/MDF (Media Descriptor File)
* ISZ (Compressed ISO images)
* NRG (Nero)
* CCD (CloneCD)
* BWT (Blindwrite)
* CDI (Discjuggler)
* PDI (Instant CD/DVD)
* B5T (BlindWrite 5)

We also support mounting a folder to a virtual drive.

Let's take an example to illustrate how it works. Say, you've got a ZIP file like "c:\dir\" , you can mount it on a newly created virtual drive. After you execute the corresponding command (File->Mount->Mount Files) in the menu, your operating system will immediately notify you that a new device has been found, and a new drive letter, say H:, will be assigned to it. When the mounting process is finished, you can find all the original files inside that ZIP archive under H:. If you find some sort of another RAR file, say 2.rar, under H:, don't worry, this RAR file still can be second-mounted to another new drive, say I:, after that , you can play the hot.avi (we assume that it exists in 2.rar) directly under I:. Enjoy !

More functions are on their way, check the list below:

Support mounting Http, ftp
Support mounting Ghost disk image file
Support mounting VMWare disk image file
Support mounting 7Z, arj, ice, lha, cab archive files
Support mounting Inno setup, install-shield archive files ... Whatever you can imagine
we highly appreciate any bug reports or suggestions!

WinMount technical points.

Friendly Links. New_Concept_WinMount.

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