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Эксплоит для устройств под управлением iOS.
Подверженные устройства: от iPhone 4S до iPhone X

Анонс checkm8 от axi0mX (автора):
--> @axi0mX <--


- permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit for hundreds of millions of iOS devices
- meant for researchers, this is not a jailbreak with Cydia yet
- allows dumping SecureROM, decrypting keybags for iOS firmware, and demoting device for JTAG
- current SoC support: s5l8947x, s5l8950x, s5l8955x, s5l8960x, t8002, t8004, t8010, t8011, t8015
- future SoC support: s5l8940x, s5l8942x, s5l8945x, s5l8747x, t7000, t7001, s7002, s8000, s8001, s8003, t8012
- full jailbreak with Cydia on latest iOS version is possible, but requires additional work

Quick start guide for checkm8

- Use a cable to connect device to your Mac. Hold buttons as needed to enter DFU Mode.
- First run ./ipwndfu -p to exploit the device. Repeat the process if it fails, it is not reliable.
- Run ./ipwndfu --dump-rom to get a dump of SecureROM.
- Run ./ipwndfu --decrypt-gid KEYBAG to decrypt a keybag.
- Run ./ipwndfu --demote to demote device and enable JTAG.

Репозиторий на GitHub:
--> axi0mX/ipwndfu <--

--> New Checkm8 jailbreak released for all iOS devices running A5 to A11 chips - Zero Day <--

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 eXeL@B —› Софт, инструменты —› checkm8 и ipwndfu

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