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Создано: 11 сентября 2012 11:24 New!
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KANGALOOJ Production proudly presents
Reprise License Manager Helper 2
A small application to help extract info from RLM (Reprise License Manager).

-Automatically patches targets and generate RLMSign.exe without need to have RLM SDK or Visual Studio!
-.NetFx 2.0 SP1 needed to run.
-With linux support! but you should run helper in windows, not with wine! You should transfer target linux files to windows and patch them!
- It's support Win32, Win64, Lin32, Lin64 versions!
- Auto Patch improved, Patching VMWare detection and Virtual Box detection of RLM added!
- We not patch rlm_pubkey.obj or rlm_pubkey.h! we patch public key of target exe or dll!
- We never change anything in our SDK, we need just a key pair that matches public key size of target!

RLM Helper 2.4 release!
What's new:
New Public Key pattern added that never revealed before and probability of occurrence of this pattern is about 0.1%
Icon added for app.
Copy to clipboard added for RLM_LICENSE_TO_RUN and ISV name!
Enjoy new release

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f13nd пишет:
Значит форум считает что я потенциальный бот и спамер 2006 года регистрации

но мы-то знаем!
Знаем, что ты хороший человек! и если надо подтвердим... даже и в письменном виде!

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born to be evil

Создано: 22 июня 2018 17:09 New!
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вот полный вариант. запускаешь rlm.exe, дальше стартуешь софт --> Link <--

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Any chance that you can give an explanation of how to configure the RLM server please? I have the SDK but always received an error that the licence and rlm.exe are created from different versions.


Добавлено спустя 31 минуту
or I get a message that there are no ISV servers to start

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born to be evil

Создано: 23 июня 2018 07:59 New!
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put your license to folder with rlm.exe. and rlm.exe should be running before a main program start. that's all folks
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