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jsMSIx.exe - Simple MSI/MSM Unpacker Program

jsMSIx.exe is a small program with no installation required and no extra files needed other than normal system files that are pre-installed on nearly all Windows PCs. No muss, no fuss. Just run jsMSIx.exe, browse for an MSI file, and unpack it. jsMSIx.exe can also provide MSI information, listing files and Registry settings in the MSI without unpacking it. This is the most convenient unpacker for non-technical people. It can be used as a normal Windows program or as a command-line utility.

For Linux: jsMSIx.exe is probably the best option for people using Linux because it does not require support for VBScript, Internet Explorer, or COM libraries. Everything is built into a single, small standalone program. It also has simple command line functionality to unpack an MSI and optionally select the destination folder for unpacking. The only notable dependencies are cabinet.dll, msvbvm60.dll and msi.dll. Those files are all pre-installed on virtually all Windows PCs and should all be installable (or have native versions) through WINE.


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