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Byteman is a bytecode manipulation tool which makes it simple to change the operation of Java applications either at load time or while the application is running. It works without the need to rewrite or recompile the original program. In fact, Byteman can even be used to modify Java code which forms part of the Java virtual machine, classes such as String, Thread etc. Byteman employs a clear, simple and easy-to-use Event Condition Action (ECA) rule language, based on Java. ECA rules are used to specify where, when and how the original Java code should be transformed to modify its operation.

Byteman was invented primarily to support automation of tests for multi-threaded and multi-JVM Java applications using a technique called fault injection. It includes features which have been designed to resolve problems which arise with this type of testing. Byteman provides explicit support for test automation in four main areas:

●tracing execution of specific code paths and displaying application or JVM state

●subverting normal execution by changing state, making unscheduled method calls or forcing an unexpected return or throw

●orchestrating the timing of activities performed by independent application threads

●monitoring and gathering statistics summarising application and JVM operation
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 eXeL@B —› Софт, инструменты —› Byteman a bytecode manipulation tool

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