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Dis# project file

Dis# have it's own metadata structure, which expands PE metadata structure with all necessary for decompilation information, such as local variable names. You can save Dis# metadata in the project file (extension .dis) and keep all changes.

Decompilation Speed

Custom metadata provides outstanding decompilation speed, which 25-700 times faster then have other .NET decompilers. Dis# decompiles more then 2000 methods per second.

Multiple Languages decompilation

Support for C#, Visual Basic.NET, Delphi.NET and Chrome.

Well formed code

Dis# generates code, which is look like the human edited. Dis# .net decompiler have many options to adjust code view for your preferences.


Dis# optimize code.

.NET 2.0 support

Dis# support .NET 2.0 assembly format, generics etc.

Raw Code

In some cases you have to view raw code (before high level decompilation algorithms processing)


You can deobfuscate assembly to restore readable names.

PDB file

Dis# extracts names from .PDB file. You can autoload PDB.

XML documentation

Dis# load assembly XML documentation. You can autoload XML DOC.

Method calls

You can view all methods, that calls from the current method, and all methods, that calls current. ( see screenshot )


List of types, methods and fields with attribute

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 eXeL@B —› Софт, инструменты —› Dis# v3.1.4

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