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Создано: 15 августа 2016 21:24 New!
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Hi all first of all, and I did a post to ask the crack in the corresponding section.

My question is this, I published a post asking for a crack for tv playout software called winjaysx, the team SND already made a crack to a previous version 2.2.1 but after three hours requests a usb dongle protection.

Currently available version 2.2.4 and have requested pay for the crack but nobody is interested in the job or do not know, the software is compiled in Delphi and protection is Enigma 4

I have always offered different prices and uploading them, but nobody responds to my request, I would like to know how much is a fair price for this job? Thank you.

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Создано: 15 августа 2016 22:04 New!
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The algorithm is quite simple:
1. Post the price.
2. Wait for a day or two.
3. Did anyone crack it?
4a. YES. The price is OK.
4b. NO. Double the price. GOTO 1.

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 eXeL@B —› Крэки, обсуждения —› Crack WinjaySX
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