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 eXeL@B —› Протекторы —› Agile.NET (old Cli_Secure) deobfuscator
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Создано: 11 ноября 2012 17:43 New!
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is it possible to somehow deobfuscate .NET program secured with newest Agile.NET obfuscator?

de4dot 1.9.1 detects it correctly but can not deobfuscate it.
  1. Detected Agile.NET 
  3. Hmmmm... something didn't work. Try the latest version.
  4.     EX: System.ApplicationException : message: Could not find CSVM opcode handle
  5. r types
  6. If it's a supported obfuscator, it could be a bug or a new obfuscator version.
  7. If it's an unsupported obfuscator, make sure the methods are decrypted!

Author said that new version of de4dot will be released on December 2012 / January 2013.

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Создано: 11 ноября 2012 17:56 · Поправил: schokk_m4ks1k New!
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try with different options de4dot or wait until the author de4dot release an updated version!
you can still try to dump Dotnet Dumper!!!
add: upload obfuscated file, maybe somebody can help!

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Создано: 11 ноября 2012 18:18 New!
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DotNet Dumper 1.0 produces exe and file AgileDotNet.VMRuntime.dll
However, output exe file is same as input file.

I uploaded original file:
 eXeL@B —› Протекторы —› Agile.NET (old Cli_Secure) deobfuscator

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