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Создано: 14 января 2016 18:44 New!
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Hi Folks,

i would like to gain a better understanding of the licensing process of my software.

Tric_DB is an engineering tool with gradually licensed functions - ultimate goal is to activate all features with the existing basic license.

Protection is provided by a local CopyMinder license server. On first start the license file / product key was checked and activated online over the copyminder network. Now the Software is checking only with the local cmServer (as far as i could determine this tracing outgoing connections).

I made some attempts with the SuperBootV3 tool but i think it is the wrong approach. As far as i understood SuperBoot is preventing the connection to the cm network? but i may have misunderstood purpose and configuration of SuperBoot.

Any corrections or suggestions would be most welcome!
Thanks a lot!

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Создано: 14 января 2016 19:07 New!
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CopyMinder is software protections like dinkey dongle. same tricks =)

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Создано: 15 января 2016 17:05 New!
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hi again,

so i made some efforts to learn some basics. to speak literally i tasted blood and would be glad to solve the topic with your help on my own.

i did some debugging and disassembling and would be glad if you could comment my first results. in principle the software is an add-on of an CAD-Software (which is correctly licensed), so there is no separate .exe file

the .txt-file contains my suspicions with excerpts of the disassembled code. The .zip contains the original files.

Thanks a lot!

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