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 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› How to debug/crack DLL file ?
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Создано: 07 ноября 2011 05:16 New!
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I'm new to cracking/debugging, and i've been trying to debug/crack a PLUGIN that runs inside GoogleSketchUp. I'm using IDA PRO 6.1, without success.

The main plugin .DLL file is loaded at GoogleSketchUp startup.

The only things i'm able to do till now is attach Windbg Debugger to running instance of GoogleSketchUp or run GoogleSketchUp from IDA Debugger (Debugger -> Run -> Windbg Debugger), set breakpoint (Stop on library load/unload) and see the loading of the .DLL files.
Output window: "A080000: loaded C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins\xxxxxx\xxxxxxx.dll"
Debug window: "ntdll:774EFC52 add esp, 4"

that's all. But i need to debug the DLL, not SketchUp content.

Can someone give me directions on how to do it ?


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Создано: 07 ноября 2011 08:16 · Поправил: plutos New!
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So, do you want to debug or to crack? Two different things, I guess.
An expression "to crack a dll" does not make much sense to me...
Could you be more specific?
To look at a DLL's internals you can start with PE explorer or dumpbin utility. They will show the list of exported functions, disassembled code and many other interesting things.

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Создано: 07 ноября 2011 09:21 New!
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Open the program in a OllyDbg > Enter a command: bp LoadLibraryA/LoadLibraryW and press F9
After loading the library can put a breakpoint on the section .text in a dll library.

Of course, if I understand you correctly)

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Создано: 08 ноября 2011 11:37 New!
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I want to crack/patch the DLL plugin to bypass it's license. So i need to debug and compare execution in licensed and unlicensed versions. It worked with OllyDbg and setting a breakpoint as explained by MasterSoft.

Thanks !

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Создано: 10 ноября 2011 11:34 New!
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It worked fine with GoogleSketchUp, but this is not working for SolidWorks.

It seems that SolidWorks has some kind of detection/protection mechanism against OllyDbg.

I skipped the errors setting EPI to next instruction manually (new origin).

Do you know how to bypass this ?

Thank you

  1. Access violation when writing to [00000010] - Shift+Run/Step to pass exception to the program
  3. MODULE = kernel32
  4. POP     ESI                              ; UNICODE "27,2Q"
  5. ERROR: Exception E06D7363 - exception is non-continuable
  7. MODULE = MFC80U
  8. INT3
  9. ERROR: INT3 command at MFC80U.78369D41 - application was unable to process exception
  11. MOV     DWORD PTR DS:[EAX], ESI            -> EAX = B91B3B97, ESI = 00000000
  12. Access violation when writing to [B91B3B97] - application was unable to process exception
  14. PUSH    DWORD PTR DS:[ECX+8]             ; |MessageId -> ECX = 00000000
  15. Access violation when reading [00000008] - application was unable to process exception
  17. MODULE = ntdll
  18. Process terminated, exit code C0000409 (STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN)

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Создано: 10 ноября 2011 14:18 New!
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In OllyDbg click a ALT+O

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Создано: 11 ноября 2011 02:32 New!
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Thank you MasterSoft. Worked perfectly !

 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› How to debug/crack DLL file ?

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