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 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› Need Hep about FlexLM Gen
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Создано: 28 августа 2011 05:37 New!
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Hi Guys,
this is the second post relate to flexlm and license
any way, i have demo license and i want to generate it to full
demo license
*i am ready to work it with my self but i can not what the program will do it, and what the instructions i will be follow it,because i have not any idea about flexlm gen or engineering reverse, so if my request will be difficult, i just need what the programs i will work with it to generate valid license depending on demo license.
Thank you

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Создано: 28 августа 2011 11:00 · Поправил: r_e New!
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You messages are useless in the reverse engineering sense. Get OllyDbg / IDA / etc and start research your plugins. Read FlexLM tutors to understand internals and try to patch or extract seeds from plug-in. Then fix ecc keys and generate own license. Then re-sign assemblies and fix related issues.
Otherwise, prepare a lot of cash and post crack request.

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Создано: 29 августа 2011 12:45 New!
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Isn't one topic enough for you to write in it?

 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› Need Hep about FlexLM Gen
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