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Создано: 27 марта 2011 10:47 · Поправил: IB New!
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Hello guys!

I am Part of a small Cracking group that is dedicated to Cracking CGI/VFX software Eg. the latest plugins for Autodesk 3DS MAX.
we our still very young and our numbers our minute but we have already pulled off some very nice releases in the past month and a half we have been established

We have our own Server and Private IRC channel as well as FTP storage space a dedicated winbox with a 1gbit connection for uploading plus many more nice tools at our disposal.
we have many supplies of great software too the only thing we Our short on is Software crackers

We are currently looking for talented reversers who would be willing to join our small group preferably people with moderate experience in moderm protection schemes, This person would not need to devote too much time
as we are a very laid back and somewhat a cruisey gang. We would prefer if this person had good communication skills with others in the group and have a good sense of humour!
we also would like a person who likes a challenge as VFX software has some of the best protection to date
and can be a real headache hehe.

Also we are not affiliated with any scene such as 0day etc though we do have topsite access we are just here to help people out and have a good time whilst we are at it
we upheil the morals of the older generation of crackers (Like the scene used to be;)

If this seems like you please feel free to wither reply to this thread or give me a private message

Thanks again for your time
cheers IB

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Создано: 10 апреля 2011 13:39 New!
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I want to join u kamrade.

 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› An Offer to join

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