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 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› Setting correct breakpoint to fish serial in Setup
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Создано: 17 января 2011 16:19 · Поправил: muaata New!
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i'm having serious trouble in setting correct breakpoint in a Setup file which i want to fish serial from or bypass
serial check.

Steps i've done:

(all using OllyDBG)

Behaviour of setup:
start, press continue "installation fortsetzen", press continue again.
then you have to enter serial number.when entering, there's already some check to the serial as a red ! appears on the right side. if you filled all text boxes .. and the serial is wrong, it shows error message.
1. Open LxSetup.exe in debugger, search for all referenced strings (tried to find something that is like the error message) -> failed.
2. tried to find some user32 stuff to read text from textbox...nothing.
3. tried to attach to running LxSetup.exe to see where it stops when the error message shows up, but no success.

maybe somebody could have a look at it and help me to find the right way to do it...
thank you

ATTENTION! for some reason the stripped-down setup was not working on other machines. here is the one that should do. so if you want to help, give it a try pls.

 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› Setting correct breakpoint to fish serial in Setup

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