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Создано: 11 июня 2010 03:14 · Поправил: nerko New!
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I've unpacked manually pc guard v5.01, used esp trick and i don't know if its wrapped twice?
I think i have problem with importrec.
By many tuts i should land at
017703F0 55 DB 55 ; CHAR 'U
instead am at
017703B0 60 DB 60 ; CHAR '`'
When I analyze code, olly says its probably compressed or encrypted.. i try with 017703F0 and land
017703F0 . 55 PUSH EBP

At this point importrec dosen't work...
Iat read..but no imported functions found?

Any directions are great. Thanks
orig and un packed

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Создано: 11 июня 2010 08:34 New!
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It is unpacked incorrectly, necessary to wrapped six times, on the seventh there is a program start, but it yet everything, there is also others features, example - security directory and etc...

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