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 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› nethasp emulation
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Создано: 27 октября 2009 21:16 New!
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I want the tool by which i can emulate nethasp protection
The program I have is activated when i am in the college through remote server by nethasp
plz help me ......I need the latest tool to get dongle dump through network (I heared haspmon can do it but I don't have it ) in addition I need to know how to make dump file in this case

I will appreciate ur help very much as i am noop in this field

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Создано: 27 октября 2009 21:28 New!
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Use USB-Emulator of HASP Dongle (multikey, Chingachguk & Denger2k, ...). It support NET functions.

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Создано: 29 октября 2009 11:25 New!
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thanks larry but as I told u I am totally noob in that.......can u tell me where to download Chingachguk & Denger2k and multikey and give me a link for starter tutorial to use them\

thanks very much for ur concern

 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› nethasp emulation

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