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Создано: 02 мая 2009 20:58 New!
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Process Hacker v1.3.7.0


Process Hacker is a feature-packed tool for manipulating processes and services on your computer. It can show you the threads (with symbols), modules, memory regions, handles and token of processes. It has detailed graphs that show CPU usage, memory usage and I/O activity. It can even change the DEP status of some processes and protect/unprotect them!

It can read/write memory using a built-in hex editor and search through memory. It has a powerful run-as tool that can run programs as almost any user, including SYSTEM, LOCAL SERVICE and NETWORK SERVICE. Finally, its kernel-mode driver enables Process Hacker to show information for any process, even if it is protected by a rootkit.

System Requirements
- .NET Framework 2.0
- Microsoft Windows XP or above
- 1GB or more of total RAM if you want to read/write or search memory
- 2 CPUs (physical or multi-core) if you want to read/write or search memory

* #2780260 - "add <Enter> key to open Proc Properties"
* #2780277 - "add <ENTER> to shortcut list for default action"
* #2781625 - "System Idle Process should not have network connections"
* #2784954 - "Ctrl+F find DLLs and not just Handles"
* Customizable tray icons - CPU History, CPU Usage, I/O History, Commit History and Physical Memory History
* Base Priority, Start Time, and CPU Time columns
* "Terminate Process Tree"
* Can close TCP connections
* Process tree loads instantly
* Process properties (appears to) loads faster
* Decreased CPU usage
* Significantly less memory usage, especially when opening process properties
* Thread termination now prompts
* Implemented Esc to close windows
* Cycles, Page Priority and I/O Priority in process statistics
* Integrity, I/O priority and page priority columns
* Windows are protected from being offscreen when they load
* Process property window locations are now saved
* The main window dimensions are saved when exiting minimized
* Enabled Reduce Working Set for multiple processes at a time
* Hides Process Hacker network connections by default

* #2782808 - "Exception generated when CPU History is set to first column."
* #2784922 - "Hidden processes window: window location not remembered"
* #2784924 - "Network connections: process's icon not shown"
* Unhandled exception when process properties is closed within 100ms of being opened
* Handle filter took a while to start up
* Forgot to add sorting for Private WS, Shared WS and Shareable WS
* dbghelp warnings were not being shown the first time process properties opened
* Random file-object-related BSODs
* Increased PID limit in Hidden Processes to 65536
* Inaccurate I/O Total rates when using a refresh interval other than 1000ms
* Incorrect thread start addresses



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Создано: 03 мая 2009 14:17 New!
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Analogue Process Explorer. The program is still very crude. When you call the network on my program hung on the deaf.

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Создано: 03 мая 2009 16:25 New!
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Not absolutely analogue. In Process Explorer there is no possibility to edit memory, to change attributes of access to it, viewing of services, network connections etc. And the most important thing, it in source codes!!!
Undoubtedly it crude, but seems to me at it the big future.

Forgive for my bad English

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Создано: 03 мая 2009 16:25 New!
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Process Hacker v1.3.6.5


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Создано: 22 мая 2009 13:32 New!
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Process Hacker v1.3.8.0

* KProcessHacker can now perform process memory reading/writing by itself and does not require MmCopyVirtualMemory
* KProcessHacker can now bypass all handle-opening protections
* Experimental process protection feature
* Ability to set handle flags such as protect-from-close and inherit
* Better highlighting
* Terminator test: TD1 (debugs a process and closes the debug object)
* Terminator test: TT3 (TT1 is now completely user-mode)
* Shows function file and line numbers where available
* Icon updating is now done on the shared thread to avoid the GUI blocking when explorer.exe is suspended or is hanging

* #2785648 - "cursor down crashes PH"
* #2790404 - "System.InvalidOperationException"
* Incomplete or inaccurate thread call stacks
* Windows 7 BSOD
* Crash upon executing terminator test M1
* Unexpected actions being performed when a key was pressed in the memory and handle lists
* Changed I/O tray icon tooltip from ROW to RWO
* Corrupted usernames
* .NET processes getting recognized as packed
* Start times like "20 centuries ago"
* Unable to change service configurations
* "Access denied" when changing DEP status or unloading a module on Windows XP


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Создано: 25 октября 2009 21:03 New!
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Process Hacker v1.7-r2298

* #2873973 - "Columns window improvements"
* New settings system - settings can now be saved anywhere
* Decreased memory and CPU usage
* Process Hacker probably runs on Windows 2000 now

* #2880368 - "Highlight Option dialog does not show current colors"
* #2881084 - "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException"
* #2881951 - "Invalid cursor handle."
* Fixed some crashes on 64-bit when viewing thread stacks
* Remaining network list bug




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Создано: 26 октября 2009 08:47 New!
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Создано: 11 июля 2011 20:09 New!
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Process Hacker v2.18


- Completely rewritten tree list control:
- Process Name column is now fixed to the left
- Tooltips for column headers
- Improved performance
- Bug fixes
- Added more process tree list columns
- Added Time stamp column to network list
- Date/time display is now swapped (so time is shown before date)
- Added W3 terminator test
- Added DotNetTools plugin
- Updated ExtendedServices plugin:
- Disabled editing of required privileges for drivers
- Updated ExtendedTools plugin:
- Added ETW columns for processes and network connections
- Updated OnlineChecks plugin:
- Added Comodo Instant Malware Analysis
- Updated WindowExplorer plugin:
- Fixed hook bugs

- Fixed Run As This User
- Verification Status sorting

 eXeL@B —› WorldWide —› Process Hacker v1.3.7.0

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