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Создано: 04 июня 2008 17:46 New!
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First, sorry to write in english. I only know portuguese or english (im brazillian).
Second, dont know if my topic is in right place, sorry if wrong.

I need one software that simulates one especial printer. I have about 6 printers in 6 different places. Each printer work with one special software installed on windows xp. This software recognize serial code of the printer. Printers have different serials.

Basically, what I need is: Somebody to develop one software that read printer serial # and simulate it to my computer and other softwares installed on it.

I can provide remote access to the computer with administrative rights.

I can pay by paypal or international transfer, or some credit card payment. As you wish.

Interested, please send me email, or

More questions, please answer this topic.


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Создано: 04 июня 2008 18:55 New!
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Well... are you sure you need to read the serial number of the printer? maybe it would be much easier to patch the software to accept any serial number?

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Создано: 04 июня 2008 21:06 New!
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Yea, iam sure that it will be MUCH more easy to patch software.

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Создано: 06 июня 2008 01:57 New!
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Maybe... But in this case will change original EXE file. I think this is not a problem, so its a possiblity.

Are you want to do it (or try)??

If you say that this can be done as we want, we can negotiate and pay you.

What you say?

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Создано: 06 июня 2008 06:16 New!
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I have sent you a PM.

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