Original reversing DVD-ROM: eXeL@B DVD ! eXeL@b DVD !
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In this section, you can see the exact contents of the eXeL@B DVD 2008 disk. In the left column, you will see files and folders icons. By clicking on the folder you enter there and see folder's contents - folders and/or files. In the right column you will see a description of each folder and file, it was done for the convenience of DVD users.
For more details on how you can order eXeL@B DVD 2008 detailed written here

1. This archives can't be downloaded from the site. It is just a list of the contents of the disk eXeL@B DVD 2008. There is 4482 MB of material on the disk and you can get DVD from us in postal parcel.
2. This section is created on the basis of eXeL@B DVD 2008 shell, it had some directories look like files and their contents do not you see, it means the contents of the folder is not yet described in the shell (it is very hard work), and this folder, with all its contents, will be opened in the Explorer window, when you will have DVD.
3. I have deleted describing of the (programming, security, protection info, hacking, cryptography) sites offline archives from this section for reasons of network ethics. But on the disk you will find no less than 20 full offline archives of such sites.
4. The automatic translator have been used for translating of this DVD shell contents from Russian to English. We have manually edit texts also, but some inaccuracies of translation may still left.

Original reversing DVDROM: eXeL@B DVD !

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