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MC707 Оля Дебагова Если кому интересно: (мне например - очень!)

MC707 Оля Дебагова Если кому интересно: (мне например - очень!)

What’s new here:
- On break, conditional logging breakpoints can pass several text commands to plugins, see description of ODBG_Plugincmd() below.
- New Security option: «Save user data outside any module to main .udd file». Allows to keep breakpoints and comments that belong to no particular module. CAVEAT: data is saved relative to main program and will be corrupted if external code or main executable are reallocated (this is possible, at least in theory). Proposed by Francis Crick;
- Trace condition (Ctrl+T) includes option to pause trace after specified number of commands is executed (more exactly, added to run trace).Counter restarts automatically. Proposed by Marcus Matten;
- Conditional logging breakpoints support pass counter. For example, if you set pass counter to 100, OllyDbg will skip first 100 occurences of breakpoint and pause on 101st. Note that pass counter is not restartable and is not saved to .udd file. Proposed by many contributors. CAVEAT: I have extended structure t_bpoint to fit counter, any plugin that accesses it directly will fail! (AFAIK, there are as yet no plugins that directly access t_bpoint).
- Possibility to reswitch to different module directly from Disasembler (View¦Module ’xxx’). Proposed by Christian Martin;
- New shortcut: Ctrl+gray * (asterisk) for «set new origin here»;
- Run Trace window optionally displays and logs to file modified flags (C, P, A, Z, S, T, D, O only), controlled by Trace option «Show flags». Proposed by Marcus Matten;
- Small improvement: if there is no break selected in conditional breakpoint window, button «OK» remains disabled until any selection is made;

Плюс множественные багфиксы.
-= ALEX =- :: эхх... жалко мне не интересно :) а за новость спасибо !

Kerghan :: а на васме вчера или позавчера экзешник от него появился

Оригинальный DVD-ROM: eXeL@B DVD !

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