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In this section, you can see the exact contents of the eXeL@B DVD 2008 disk. In the left column, you will see files and folders icons. By clicking on the folder you enter there and see folder's contents - folders and/or files. In the right column you will see a description of each folder and file, it was done for the convenience of DVD users.
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CrypKey SDK 6120 Instant Installs.rar

CrypKey SDK 6120 Instant Installs
CrypKey SDK. source code CrypKey for developer... and crackers :)


Dmp2rg for HASP3/HASP4
For remittance of the dump of the key in file of the roll, for functioning (working) the emulator with dump

flexLM 10 Vendor Keygen.rar

flexLM 10 Vendor Keygen
Instrument for making keygens to protected program by flexLM

flexLM 6.0, 7.2i, 8.0, 8.1a signs.rar

flexLM 6.0, 7.2i, 8.0, 8.1a signs
The Labels for disassembler in help researcher given manager license.

FLEXlm 9.2 Full Source.rar

FLEXlm 9.2 Full Source
All sources of the package for making license to program FLEXlm 9.2

flexLM 9.2 signs.rar

flexLM 9.2 signs
The Labels for disassembler in help researcher given manager license.

Flexlm Crack Kit.rar

Flexlm Crack Kit
Set for breaking in the programs, protected by manager license FlexLM

In set enters:
FlexGen 2k3 - tools that allow everyone to generate a valid FlexLM license.
Flexkey5 - gen flexlm PRS
lmrecode - a utility for managing FLEXlm vendor keys.
lmvkey5 - determine vendor key 5 from FLEXlm keys.
FLEXlm SDK 7.0d - that's it
uCF FlexLM Seed Calculator 0.3 - vendorcode generator for flexlm

FLEXlm SDK 11.4.rar

FLEXlm SDK 11.4
source code for developer and crackers package for making license to program - FLEXlm SDK 11.4

FlexLM SDK 9.24 Add On.rar

FlexLM SDK 9.24 Add On
source code for developer and cracker FlexLM SDK 9.24. The Additions.

FLEXlm SDK 9.2i.rar

FLEXlm SDK 9.2i
source code for developer and cracker package for making license to program - FLEXlm 9.2i SDK

FLEXnet Publisher Licensing Toolkit 10.1.rar

FLEXnet Publisher Licensing Toolkit 10.1
Manager license for protection and spreading the programs on platform .NET dotNET

GIAEmulator 2.4.rar

GIAEmulator 2.4
The Emulator for Guardant. Guardant dongle emulator.

Guardant 5.0 SDK.rar

Guardant 5.0 SDK
Kit of the developer Guardant 5.0 is oriented on work with electronic key Guardant Stealth III, called to provide new level of software protection and comprising of itself ensemble innovation, amongst which:

The Volume to nonvolatile memory is increased before 2048 bytes.
Technology Protected cells. Now alongside with hardware algorithm in memories of the electronic key possible to create so named protected cells - a containers with data, address to which is realized on number that simplifies addressing to memories of the key.
The Hardware algorithms GSII64. Hardware marketed steadfast cryptooperation (the block on 64 bits and flow) with length of the key (the finder of the algorithm) 128 or 256 bits. Marketed support of the activation/deactivation algorithm on unique password.
Trusted Remote Update unique technology of the safe remote renovation to memories of the electronic key, using algorithm of the cryptooperation GSII64.
The Advanced toolbox, being included in Kit of the developer Guardant 5.0, will allow not only to reveal
the broad functional possibilities new electronic keys, but also will give a chance buildings of the more efficient defense mechanisms on the basis electronic keys previous generation, compatibility with which is completely saved.
Guardant Developer's Kit 5.0 contains completely processed kernel of programme protection, based on use the row unique defensive technology and in principal new approach to software protection

New Guardant API 5.0
Handle-oriented. The Majority function works with protected by container, which serves for keeping of the context of the work with given copy Guardant API that allows to simplify exchange with API way to minimization of the number call function and numbers parameter function, as well as shorten time of the functioning function.
With support multi threads. This characteristic give possibility greatly to raise the level of protection, after all debug the multiline of application much it is more complex. Besides, increases the comfort at integrations API in complex multiline of application and appears the possibility of the simultaneous work with several USB-key.
Unified. Instead of two sets function nsk and nnk there is one set function Grd, which itself will die to work both with local, and with network key. This simplifies programming the work with network and local key simultaneously.
Besides, possible write protection on base Guardant API so that the further transition on network keys was greatly simplified. On essences it is necessary will change one flag in functions GrdSetFindMode ().
Two new modes of searching for keys through GrdLogin () and GrdFind ()

The Model. Possible obviously assign the parameters an keys Guardant, with which will work the program an Interface. Possible obviously assign the interface an keys, with which will work the program. If, to example, application will not be delivered with LPT key, that possible switch off their searching for - will accelerate functioning a Driver Guardant 5.0 Protocol of the exchange between driver and API is completely changed and is protected by pseudocode (technology of protection of the executable files from study of the logic of their functioning) i.e. all old emulators, loggers and monitors will stop with him to work. Also marketed many time checking to wholeness: Win32 application checks wholeness of the driver, but inwardly code of the driver virtual machine realizes plural checking to wholeness.

New utility of the programming keys
In the running version GrdUtil are supported all new technologies marketed in electronic key III. Appeared the possibility to lead the database on all programmed electronic key that allow unique to programme the passwords on removed renovation algorithm and cell, unique to assign the encryption key for Trusted Remote Update and lead the statistics on all programmed key.

New utility of automatic protection
The Functional mechanisms of Guardant auto protect were cardinal is processed. Now hardware attach is realized with use the hardware algorithm GSII64. Also, when installation of protection, developer will be able to choose any one of algorithm, created in electronic key and assign the length of the question to hardware algorithm. The Updated toolbox of automatic protection broadly uses technology of the pseudocode and modern mechanisms of the reluctance steady-state and dynamic analysis.

Guardant Logger 1.7 + SRC.rar

Guardant Logger 1.7 + SRC
Logger functioning (working) the key Guardant, sources are enclosed.

Guardant SDK 4.7.rar

Guardant SDK 4.7
source code for developer and cracker systems electronic keys Guardant v4.7

HardKey System 3.2.3.rar

HardKey System 3.2.3
HardKey System is intended for generation serial number in your program. It Is Based on powerful asymmetric cryptography.

HardKey System is intended for generation of serial numbers
shareware programs. The program is based on strong algorithms
of asymmetric (with public key) cryptography.

HardLock Monitor 1.0.rar

HardLock Monitor 1.0
Monitor of the tracing the operating the electronic key Hardlock


Hardlock Reader
Reads given from electronic key Hardlock

HASP 4 Dumper 1.07.rar

HASP 4 Dumper 1.07
Removes the copies HASP 4 hardware keys for the following emulation.
First install enclosing original driver HASP 4

Usage: h4dmp Pasw1 Pasw2
Enter passwords in HEX.

For example:
h4dmp 1AB3 4FD4

HASP and Hardlock API Monitor 0.07.rar

HASP and Hardlock API Monitor 0.07
Utility for making emulator hardware keys HASP and Hardlock

Hasp and Hardlock Emulator 2006.rar

Hasp and Hardlock Emulator 2006
New emulator Hasp and Hardlock

Hasp Emulator Pro 2.33.a002 + Crack + Rus.rar

Hasp Emulator Pro 2.33.a002 + Crack + Rus
You, probably, know, what is a HASP, and as with him uncomfortably to work (insert in computer, pull out)? You have lost the key? Or you devilishly inquisitive? In all this you will help emulator of the hardware key HASP Dongle Emulator

Using emulator, and its graphic interface, you graphically can watch that does with HASP program that she from he wants and as emulator answers its call. The Emulator will help you completely to study HASP key, understand its principles of the functioning and a great deal, a great deal another.

HASP Emulator.rar

HASP Emulator
Emulator of the hardware key HASP

HASP USB Key emulator.rar

HASP USB Key emulator
Emulator USB HASP key on base of the driver of the bus

The Givenned emulator and its source texts are intended for legal use ONLY i.e. legal emulation HASP keys of the protected programs in accordance with law about copyright protection of the country in which you live or international agreements.
Any use given program, breaking copyrights or international agreements, is not legal.

- ---

HASP4 Key dongle was for the first time explored approximately in 2003. Approximately at July 2003 on reversing.net appeared one and single help:

2003 year, Jul.


ULONG i, index, bit;

InitDongle (2, Key);

for (i = 1, index = 0; i <= 39; ++ i)
bit = Transform2 (((PUCHAR) (*Data)) [index], Key);

index = (((*Data) and 0x01) <<1) | bit;

if (((*Data) and 0x01) == bit)
*Data = (*Data)>> 1;
*Data = ((*Data)>> 1) ^ 0x80500062;

after it we make direct Hasp4 hardware access and build tables for analise.
3 days later i keep full Hasp4 encryption algo, and for reproducte it need only 37bit.

All rest was hidden in commercial emulator from BrainStudio.

The Autumn 2003-in winter 2004 emulating driver hardlock.sys was reversed before assembler code, but emulator required the generations so named EDS structures, which was created on the grounds of several requests/answer to functions 3D. Protection of the emulator (!) hid the original algorithm of the functioning (working) the key, which a part was brought above as help.

The Autumn 2004 algorithm was restored and has left " in half-open access ".
Discussion occurred on wasm.ru and ru-board.ru, for instance:


(registration is required).


The Givenned emulator does NOT comprise emulation 3C/3D function of itself.
The Original side of the driver is emulation of key not by interception of the point of the input in original driver HASP API or way its full change (refer to emulator from BrainStudio), but way emulation FERRIC USB-device of the key, is thereby reached INDEPENDENCE of the emulator from version of the driver of the key HASP.

- ---

The Assembly of the emulator:
1. Correct the way in file " chk make.bat ", " free make.bat " in the following lines:
set SRC_PATH=22\bus
set DDK_PATH=D:\WINDDK\2600.1106
, where SRC_DRIVE - a letter of the disk, on which are found sources, SRC_PATH - a way to directory. sources, DDK_PATH - a way to directory Windows XP DDK

2. Execute " chk make.bat " for assembly debugging build or " free make.bat " for assembly worker build.

3. For installing device to execute " chk install.bat " for installing debugging build driver or " free install.bat " for installing worker build driver.

Key of the roll once scans When start driver
, reads the dumps all keys and creates virtual USB-keys for each dump. For successful execution given stage necessary presence already installed driver from Aladdina.

4. For "extractions" all USB-keys possible to execute the file " unplug all.bat ", which causes the program enum.exe.
With the help of the last program possible not only to extract the keys, but also connect them, refer to./?.

In general event for realignment of the list available USB-keys according to given in roll it is necessary or restart driver (refer to p. 3), or use the utility enum (refer to p. 4).

Installing the emulator:
1. For installing the emulator necessary whole 3 files:
, where VUsbBus.sys - linked from sources driver.

2. Installation possible to conduct two ways.

3. The First way:
3.1. PUSK \NASTROYKA \PANELI upravleniya \Ustanovka equipment.
3.2. Yes, device is already connected
3.3. Accompaniment new device
3.4. Installing the equipment, chosen from list manually
3.5. System device (System devices)
3.6. Set up with disk ... \Review...
3.7. Indicate the way to directory., then - Ok.

4. The Second way: add to distribution program in directory. file devcon.exe and bat files of the following contents:
@echo off
devcon remove root \vusbbus
devcon install vusbbus.inf root \vusbbus

@echo off
devcon remove root \vusbbus

haSploGer 104.rar

haSploGer 104
Can cause BSOD!

The Monitor of the exchange between program and Hasp (Hasp HL) key.
The Program gives a chance monitor exchange given on bus USB without installing additional driver in system, but consequently and rebooting the computer.

GUI version 104:
The Output given in suitable for analysis type. The Possibility to save collected information in text file.
If required possible realize the dump of the key Hasp (Hasp HL in testing).

GiA_Hlog.sys version 109 - a monitoring the exchange given between program and Hasp key.
GiA_HlogUSB.sys version 113 - a monitoring the exchange given between program and Hasp key on bus USB.

IDA Signatures for Sentinel Super Pro 6.0.rar

IDA Signatures for Sentinel Super Pro 6.0
The Labels of the libraries Sentinel Super Pro 6.0 for disassembler IDA Pro.

Sentinel Dongle Driver 5.0.rar

Sentinel Dongle Driver 5.0
Driver for hardware key Sentinel

Sentinel LM SDK 7.1.0 + Crack.rar

Sentinel LM SDK 7.1.0 + Crack
Sentinel LM - a system of licensing programs.
The Package sources and instrument for developer... and cracker :)

Sentinel LM SDK 7.1.0 Patch UnDongle.rar

SentinelLM SDK 7.1.0 Patch for WlscGen.exe
Patch for WlscGen.exe from system of the licensing of the programs SentinelLM 7.1.0. That generator did not ask the electronic key.

Sentinel LM.Multimedia.Tutorials.rar

Sentinel LM Multimedia Tutorials
Cartoons training control manager license Sentinel LM

Sentinel SuperPro Dumpers.rar

Sentinel SuperPro Dumpers
Dampery electronic keys Sentinel SuperPro for the following fabrication of the emulator on him.

download and unpack tool
close all running non-system applications
run tool and press "Dump" button
wait until tool finishes work
check for result files spn_RNBO_*.dat
send them in reply

Sentinel UltraPro Evaluation Program Extension 2.0.rar

Sentinel UltraPro Evaluation Program Extension 2.0
Program for analysis of the hardware key Sentinel Dongle

SentinelLM 7.1.0 Signatures for IDA.rar

SentinelLM 7.1.0 Signatures for IDA
Labels of the system of the licensing of the programs SentinelLM 7.1.0 for disassembler IDA Pro

SentinelLM 7.1.0 SysAdmin Guide.rar

Sentinel LM SysAdmin Guide
The System definition of the licensing of the programs SentinelLM.
On english.

SentinelLM Essays.rar

SentinelLM Essays
The Study of system protection of the licensing of the programs SentinelLM.
On english.

SentinelLM install keygen.rar

SentinelLM install keygen
SentinelLM install serial # generator.

SentinelSuperPro 6.0.rar

SentinelSuperPro 6.0
- ---
SentinelSuperPro - a system for development of protection of the programs.
Distribiyutiv includes 3 components:
The hardware key
The SentinelSuperPro API
The SentinelSuperPro Developer s Toolkit

SmartKey Dongle Dumper.rar

SmartKey Dongle Dumper
SmartKey.dll - an utility intended for removing dump and further emulation of the key SmartKey. The Emulator works with program using SmartKey.dll for referencing to API key.

1. Find original SmartKey.dll and rename it in SmartKey.gll
2. Copy my SmartKey.dll
3. Vstavte in computer key, start the program and work in her as possible long to perfect as large as possible address to key.
The Program will create the dumps of the key for concrete program.
4. Take out the computer key and start the program.

If in one of the places emulator has not operated, signifies this function was not perfected in p.3

SoftKey Solutions HASP and Hardlock Emulator 2007.rar

SoftKey Solutions HASP and Hardlock Emulator 2007
The Boys write that are not a commercial crackers, but have done not sickly emulator hardware keys HASP3/HASP4/Hardlock and have laid out gratis this valuable.

UltraHEM II HASP Dongle Emulator.rar

UltraHEM II HASP Dongle Emulator for Win 9x/NT
The Emulator of the hardware key HASP Instructions on use inwardly archive.

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1. This archives can't be downloaded from the site. It is just a list of the contents of the disk eXeL@B DVD 2008. There is 4482 MB of material on the disk and you can get DVD from us in postal parcel.
2. This section is created on the basis of eXeL@B DVD 2008 shell, it had some directories look like files and their contents do not you see, it means the contents of the folder is not yet described in the shell (it is very hard work), and this folder, with all its contents, will be opened in the Explorer window, when you will have DVD.
3. I have deleted describing of the (programming, security, protection info, hacking, cryptography) sites offline archives from this section for reasons of network ethics. But on the disk you will find no less than 20 full offline archives of such sites.
4. The automatic translator have been used for translating of this DVD shell contents from Russian to English. We have manually edit texts also, but some inaccuracies of translation may still left.

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